'Anything is possible if you put in hard work and dedication'- Lilian's Story

'Anything is possible if you put in hard work and dedication'- Lilian's Story
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Hello Summer babes. Welcome back to our stories in 2019

Today we are sharing the story of Lilian. Lilian is a UK based actress and model with a magical face made for modeling. 

She was brought up by two unique parents who inspired her to 'be her own boss' and be independent in life. Together with working full time, Lilian is also an actress, model, and an Instagram influencer. 

Talk about over-achieving ;) But isn't that what Summer babes are all about? A group of females achieving the world and cheering each other on in the process!


Lilian's Story

Lilian wearing summer is here bikini

Lilian wearing our 'Wear it like a t-shirt' bikini

Hello Summer Babes, I am Lilian and this is my story. My love for art, creativity, and acting started from a very early age.

At the age of 4, I was the center of all gatherings and I would sing, dance and entertain our guests.

Lilian posing

Lilian during one of her shoots

When I got a little older, girls my age would join dance classes. But I wanted to take art and acting classes.

I was blessed to have grown up in an entrepreneur family. I saw my dad taking risks, starting businesses and being his own boss.

My mom is a very strong and independent woman and always carried her own weight in the marriage.

These two very important members of my life always inspired me to be my own boss.

Lilain modeling

Even before social media came into play, I was involved in acting and enjoyed modeling.

However, when social media became a part of everyone's life, I started taking interest in it as well. 

Soon I realized this was a creative and fun way to explore my own passion for modeling and acting.

That enjoyment and passion became the reason that I started taking social media more seriously.

I have a full time job together with modelling and acting on the side- Lilian

I still have my full-time job and it is a lot of work trying to manage a professional account, acting and modeling but I love every second of it.

Being able to create something, inspire women around the globe and being my own boss is something I love.

I truly believe that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything in life. 

Lilian in oversized sweater

This is the beginning of my journey and hopefully, I can inspire women reading this to follow their dream, whatever that dream might be!

I want them to know that anything is possible if you put in hard work and dedication.

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Lilian's instagram

What's your story?

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