'I travel far enough to meet myself'- Dilyana's Story

'I travel far enough to meet myself'- Dilyana's Story
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Hello and welcome to our very first story of Summer babes.

Summer is here is not just an online bikini store.

It is a brand which aims to create a community of Summer is here clients. We aim to give females a voice to share their stories. To talk about their day to day challenges openly and celebrate their achievements. 

We aim to create a supportive community for all women and discuss important topics such as mental health, physical health, motherhood, and more. 

So here we are, sharing our very first story of Dilyana. Dilyana and I met when she decided to wear our retro pattern bikini. Her Instagram profile is full of travel pictures from various destinations. 

She is an inspiring women who encourages many to travel more in life through her Instagram account and feels confident and independant while doing it.

Dilyana's Story 

Dilyana in Goreme

Dilyana in Goreme

I'm Dilyana. originally from Bulgaria and constantly travelling. I've lived in Croatia while studying and at the age of 26, love brought me to Israel, where I'm currently based.

I studied law, however soon I realised this is not my path in life.

I started my travel obsession at 18 when I started exploring new countries. Being involved in the fashion industry for many years made me travel to far away places.

Since then, my hunger for new places, cultures and people has never disappeared.

I started sharing my travel life on Instagram in 2017, making myself a part of the vibrant travel community on the social platform.

Currently I travel every 1-2 months, trying to juggle that with my full-time job.

I bring meaning to my life by volunteering as a Crisis Counsellor for people in distress, hoping that I change people's life when they are in need.

My goal is to become an independent self-employed traveler that shares world experiences and inspires people to follow their heart.

The world is big and so diverse, my mission is to experience as much as possible, broadening my views and shaping myself as a world citizen.

I care for my audience and only collaborate with companies that I find dignified and that I like.

I share my authentic opinion, making sure I stay true to myself and my values, while trying to make a living from what I truly love.

Dilayan in Fairy chimney's valley

Behind my portraits is my boyfriend who has no clue how to take photos.

But with my guidance and his great comprehensive capabilities, somehow we make a good team to deliver exciting images for my audience.

As my profile on Instagram says-

I travel far enough to meet myself

Follow my travels @feetsister on Instagram


What's your story?

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