Women are incredible and can do anything we put our minds to- Ally's story

Women are incredible and can do anything we put our minds to- Ally's story
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This week we are talking fit mums ;)

Alright, don't run away now! I know it is scary for many mothers to stay active and eat well after you have your beautiful baby.

I am not going to sit here and judge you! There is no place for judgement at Summer is here. However, I do think there is a certain charm about women who can have a baby, take care of her loved ones, works on her business and still find time to stay active. 

So this week, we are talking mums. Particularly Ally- A mother of twins (Yes... twins👩‍👧‍👦) who works on her business, takes care of her two beautiful babies full time and manages to look like this! 👇 


Ally's Story

Ally looking gorgeous

I'm Ally, 40 years old and a mum of 3 year old twins! A double blessing (not double trouble as many people say 🙈). I have been a wellness and health coach with Herbalife Nutrition for the past 16 years, so I have a big passion for everything health, nutrition, fitness and for helping people with living a healthy active lifestyle. 

My challenges and achievements during pregnancy

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I had an active pregnancy. I still went to the gym, looked after what I ate and I gained 18kgs during pregnancy. For me this weight gain was massive. As soon as I started gaining weight, I really felt it- the heaviness and the fatigue. I understood the struggles of putting weight on. 

Iv'e always exercised for as long as I can remember, Ive also been using the Herbalife nutrition for around 15years before I fell pregnant, originally for weight loss and then for sports performance.

During pregnancy I used Herbalife for great nutrition. Post pregnancy it was used for weight-loss, well being and again more recently for sports performance.  So I was very conscious about living a healthy active lifestyle even while pregnant.

Ally with her twins in a jacket

My post pregnancy struggles and achievements 

I had a caesarian and breastfed the twins (as well as expressed in between feeds) for around 8 months exclusively.

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Life was and is extremely busy! Since becoming a mum & turning 40 I had a stronger desire to live my best life, not let an age number or becoming a mum mean that I don’t look after myself. It is quite the opposite.

Being a mum means it’s more important to look after yourself. I need to be a role model & an example for my twins & for other mums.

I used to have people ask me did I have kids & when I answered no, they would say 'oh wait til you have kids!!!' Some people have an interesting mindset around health, nutrition & life in general after having children. Don't let other's self neglect or bad experiences become your reality.

The twins were 2 months premature. I had to go home without them initially. But travelling to and from the hospital daily and expressing every 2 hours helped me have the milk supply to breast feed them as well as drop off breast milk to the hospital so they could feed over night.

So despite all that, I still manage to start dropping my weight without jeopardising my milk supply. 80% of results come from nutrition. I focused on using my nutrition program for weight loss again (but upped my calories a bit more because I was breastfeeding) and ate good healthy whole foods.

The emotional challenges of being a first time mum of twins 


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I really just wanted to feel better, more energised & confident again in my clothes. Having babies really changes your body and how you look & feel. I think it’s so important mums look after themselves. It took me a while to feel good about dressing up and going out again.

It wasn’t easy after having a cesarean, not being able to lift or do much for the first month or so. I was trying to breastfeed, lacked sleep and my emotions were out of control. It's not easy being a mum and a first time mum of twins.

I eased my way back into going to the gym, felt great doing so but had lost a lot of strength. I could not even do one push up. So focusing on some daily steps & progress was important.

Sometimes social media puts pressure (or we put it on our selfs because we compare) to look a certain way. However, everyone is on their own journey with different circumstances so it’s important not to compare & just focus on yourself.

I began doing home workouts too and got inspired to show other mums on my social media what I was doing for exercise at home around the twins. Mainly to inspire them and show what is possible. I also did this to help empower other mums to look after themselves and to eat well and exercise after pregnancy. 

My first fitness competition

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Last year was massive, the twins turned 3, I turned 40 & took on the challenge to compete as a fitness & sports model. I had so much personal growth. I came first in sports model mumma which I’m damn proud of!

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That took a lot of organising & consistency. But I knew I could do it. As mums, we are already so organised whether we realise it or not! for example- preparing  nappybag, meal prepped for the kids, go to work or other household tasks etc, for me running a business from home etc..etc. I think mums need to remember how much they are actually capable of!

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I used to be so afraid of having my own kids.

I used to be a peadiatric nurse & always babysat for my nieces & nephews. So I knew I could take good care of my babies. But i was more afraid of how it would affect me physically, mentally, and my lifestyle. Would I be good enough... It was the fear of the unknown that bothered me.

But you just have to trust the process & have the attitude to do your best & you will figure it out! 

Tips and Tricks of being a mum and staying active

Ally doing pull downs

A big tip for mums wanting to get back in shape after having children (certainly something I did) is not skipping breakfast!

There’s no point in you waking up & doing everything for everyone else that you forget to eat or drink or you are running on biscuits & coffee.

It will leave you more tired, lethargic, over weight & it  simply lowers your self esteem.

Ally doing shoulders

So I always make it a point to start my day with water, my nutrition (which is always my shake) & exercise. So that I’m happy, energised & feeling good to be the best person, coach , mum I possibly can be!

I’ve lost the 18kgs (plus more) I gained during pregnancy & I am in the shape of my life! Fitter, healthier than ever! Even with twins who are with me full time & even turning 40! It’s possible if you value and prioritise being fit & healthy, & embrace it as a lifestyle! 

Ally doing triceps

If you are a mum (if not think of a major achievement you did in life) I would like to leave you with this thought.

Believe and trust that you can do anything! Trust the process.
Ally doing some light weight

You created (with a bit of help  😂) & carried a baby inside you for 9months, YOU brought it into this world through a tiny hole that was stretched beyond what you thought was possible or had multiple layers of your abdominal wall cut to remove another human being.
Women are incredible and can do anything we put out minds to! Don’t ever forget that your strength & courage, it’s always there!


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